Nov 15, 2014

FIRST STEP | Lesson 1- Intro Workshop 02

Copy Stamp : Variable : trRot Varue1  : rand($PT)*360

[memo] sin()

This Expression insert in Box size Y.

sin() : sin関数


 [memo]  structure

Scatter, Paint, Copy,でPointの配置と制御。

Point :
attribcreate node - pscale inputed.
paint node - override color - pscale


switch node - input exchange.
trancform node : rot.y - stamp("../copy1", "trRot", 0 )
copy node : stamp input - Variable : trRot
                                       Varue1  : rand($PT)*360

[stamp node ]
Returns a copy stamping floating point value.

stamp(scope, token, value)
Retrieves a stamping variable, usually from a downstream Copy node.
See copy stamping.
This function retrieves floating-point number values.
For string values, use stamps.

  • scope: the path of the node to get the value from.
  • token: the name of the variable to retrieve.
  • value: the default value to use if token does not exist.
Examples of stamping operators include: Cache, Copy, and LSystem surface nodes, and the Copy channel node.

stamp("../copy1", "sides", 5)
stamp("..", "fuzzy", 0.5)

stamp node は copyノードと組み合わせる。
copy node のstamp tabに対しての任意の実行と組み合わせる
ここではVariable : trRot Varue1  : rand($PT)*360
stamp("../copy1", "trRot", 0 )というExpressionでtrRotを呼び出し角度を

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