Jun 13, 2017

Houdini | Redshift : Volume Rendering From Volume VOP

Left image is Mantra render, right is Redshift render. Mantra render time was 1m32s, Redshift render time was 10s.

I usually use stopped smoke from Volume VOP. Then I have to do the making on Redshift, but It has several problems in Redshift Light settings.

I learned this setting in reference to this video.

When I want to light up a volume in Redshift, It necessary to change setting of redshift light.

Contribution Scale is important for lighting volume. Default value is 0.
This value enable to do lighting volume and high value enable to make more deepness. Also this setting is in environment light(RS light dome).

Above Image, This volume was made by RS light dome only. Render time was 15 sec.


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