Oct 26, 2016

Arnold | Convert to .TX File Using Batch Flile

I really confused the convert .tx file other than use TX-Manager in Maya.I've wanted to make multiple files automatically. Unfortunately, The maketx.exe is not automatically and not useful for me.Then. I challenge to write a butch file with a lot of advices from our technical director.

The file is in zip that link to dropbox. 

Refarenced documents : 

Oct 10, 2016

Houdini | How to Substance for Houdini

I tried to do setting the substance material in Houdini. It is pretty good.

[ .hip file - _SubstanceForHoudini/_BasicAttendMaterials/01.hip ]

Oct 7, 2016

Houdini | SOP : Group Time Shift

I tried to import original animation data to a few points. But I confused that.   Then, I gave some advice from our TD. I introduce that constitution.

 [.hip file - Houdini_TEC/SOP_GroupTimeShift/group_time_shift_2-particle.hip] in preoaration.