Oct 10, 2016

Houdini | How to Substance for Houdini

I tried to do setting the substance material in Houdini. It is pretty good.

[ .hip file - _SubstanceForHoudini/_BasicAttendMaterials/01.hip ]

I tried to do setting the substance material in Houdini. It is necessary to export .sbsar file. Then
after exporting my own choosing parameters are enable to arrange the same parameters in Houdini. Attention, maybe you should export setting of 256 x 256 with "Relative to parents" in Substance. and it is enable to arrange in Houdini.   Any way, Substance materials are not enable to do animation. Actually, I can't confirm the result on rendering sequences.

I think the substance is easier than composing material in SHOP network. but substance is not enable to do animation so far. I should have expectations about this future.

This is Substance 3D View Image.

Then this is Mantra view in Houdini.

Sorry, I change setting of the random seed and the noise strength, so both of visual result are different.

Install Substance Houdini Plugin : https://www.allegorithmic.com/content/substance-houdini

It can create a dso directory in Houdini Document levels.
And you can make the substance SHOP in Houdini.

I used allegorithmic site as reference.


I want to research the possibility of Substance with Houdini from now on.

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  1. hello
    Can you share here please the .cfg file for arnold for the substance plugin because there's none by default.
    thank you