Oct 7, 2016

Houdini | SOP : Group Time Shift

I tried to import original animation data to a few points. But I confused that.   Then, I gave some advice from our TD. I introduce that constitution.

 [.hip file - Houdini_TEC/SOP_GroupTimeShift/group_time_shift_2-particle.hip] in preoaration.

Like this SOP network. 

attribcreate_offset_index. this node make two integer attributes offset and index. offset has default value -1, and index is 0.

the sphere is moving using transform animation. it is foundation of sphere moving

First of all, Explain in Solove Sop. Using group sop and loading box that it has animation of size.

Then make Attribute Wrangle that it make a attribute when the point record a time of into box.

In the Solver SOP.

wrote vex :

if (@offset == -1)

      @offset = @Frame;

The result prove the just flame when it is into box.

Next, Explain the attribwrangle_Flame_offset node.

wrote vex : 

if (@offset != -1)

@index = @Frame - @offset;

=! , That way it can get continuing flame number to index attribute.

It will be like this.

And I use Copy SOP, stamp attribute. it input the Time Shift SOP.

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