Jan 18, 2016

Houdini : Octane Render | Verify Motion Vector Pass 02

Verify Motion Vector on POP Network. I adjusted max speed in Octane Render.

I prepare three sequences. 3d motion blur, motion vector's max speed 1, and motion vector's max speed 100. I verified using those items the motion blur on Nuke.

result of 3d motion blur

Nuke Network View

Octane's motion vector have 0.5 background. So We have to adjust "add" params in Vector Blur node.

This setting is important in Vector Blur node. add u, v : -0.5, -0.5

The Result is same pattern in 2 parameter. Max speed 1 : Multiply 30, Max speed 100 : Multiply 100
This animation made in Vector Blur.

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