Aug 28, 2017

Houdini | DOP : Construct Constraint

I thought I should learn to construct some constraint in houdini.
I was taught the basic from my assistant, Mr.Yagyu. Then we teach students that at professional school.

hipfile : ConstructConstraint.hip

[ Types of Constraint ]

* Glue Constraint : ex. Braking down wall
* Pin Constraint : ex. Jointed balloon by strings
* Spring Constraint : ex, Spring, Bungy Jump, Goal net

This time, we use the glue constraint.

[ Requirements for construct the glue constraint. ]

* Specify Piece : Name to broken pieces.
          → Voronoi Fracture Sop

* Condition of constraint : Connect by geometry and where.
          → Connect Adjacent Pieces SOP

* Name of Constraint : Glue or Pin or Spring
          → Add to primitive attribute is "s@constant_name"
                                                 ex. s@constant_name = "Glue"

* Decide to choose any moving types.
          → Add to primitive attribute is "s@constraint_type"
                                                 ex. s@constraint_type = "all"
   There are 3 types constraint in this attribute these are position, rotation, and all.
   `position : Enable to rotation
   `rotate    : Enable to move position
   `all         : Enable to rotation and move.

[ Constraint Network ]

* Constraint Network is enable to specify some pairs for constraint RBD.
*** So far, Bullet Solver and Wire Solver are just enabled.

*1. Setting of Constraint Network path.
*2. Setting of  Glue Constraint Relationship Node

[ Constraint Solver Setting ]
*Constraint Network DOP : We should set a made constraint network.(ex. OUT_OCNSTRAINT)

*Make a rule of constraint by sop solver. That way can make deleting connect in constraint network.

Sop solver, Enable Solver

Setting in Sop solver. (use attribute transfer by color. black change to red )

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