Jun 13, 2017

Houdini | Redshift : Volume Rendering From Volume VOP

Left image is Mantra render, right is Redshift render. Mantra render time was 1m32s, Redshift render time was 10s.

I usually use stopped smoke from Volume VOP. Then I have to do the making on Redshift, but It has several problems in Redshift Light settings.

Jan 18, 2017


I directed computer graphics in HARAJUKU IYAHOI. I made that with Houdini.
Thanks for all staff of CG part. So hard project and very tired.

In the future, I want to explain making by Houdini. Please wait a moment now.

Jan 9, 2017

Houdini | CHOP : .chan data file for Nuke

I could output ".chan data" to nuke for converting animation data. Houdini is able to output data so easily. Then the data could come and go Houdini to Nuke.😃

Dec 7, 2016

Houdini | VEX : Rotate Control Each Points

I needed to adjust some rotation each points in copy sop. And I did not use random function in VEX. I challenged to use VEX in Attribute Wrangle. I've had to use several functions. I'll explanation that functions in this article.

[.hip file : CopyRotateControl.hip]

Oct 26, 2016

Arnold | Convert to .TX File Using Batch Flile

I really confused the convert .tx file other than use TX-Manager in Maya.I've wanted to make multiple files automatically. Unfortunately, The maketx.exe is not automatically and not useful for me.Then. I challenge to write a butch file with a lot of advices from our technical director.

The file is in zip that link to dropbox. 

Refarenced documents : 

Oct 10, 2016

Houdini | How to Substance for Houdini

I tried to do setting the substance material in Houdini. It is pretty good.

[ .hip file - _SubstanceForHoudini/_BasicAttendMaterials/01.hip ]

Oct 7, 2016

Houdini | SOP : Group Time Shift

I tried to import original animation data to a few points. But I confused that.   Then, I gave some advice from our TD. I introduce that constitution.

 [.hip file - Houdini_TEC/SOP_GroupTimeShift/group_time_shift_2-particle.hip] in preoaration.

Sep 15, 2016

Generalist Reel 2016

海外プロダクションに視察に行くためにGeneralist, CG Supervisor としてのリールを作った。
I made a generalist reel for visiting productions inVancouver.


御覧になるにはパスワードが必要です。 yoong@dream.jpにお問い合わせいただければ

Password required to watch this reel.
Please ask me password. yoong@dream.jp

Sep 5, 2016

Houdini | SOP : Vector Into VDB

Disappear velocity info in geometry when convert particles to VDB.

AttributeWrangleを使用し元のparticleやFLIP Fluid などからvelocityを入力。


Houdini : POP | Bubble Burst


 [.hip file - c24_05.hip] in preoaration.

Jul 11, 2016

Houdini | VEX Introduction



[ 扱えるアトリビュートとVEXタイプ]

vector : @P, @accel, @center, @dPdx, @dPdy, @dPdz, @Cd, @N@scale, @force, @rest, @torque, @up, @uv, @v

vector4 : @backtrack, @orient, @rot

int : @id, @ix, @iy, @iz, @nexid, @pastate, @resx, @rexy, @resz, @ptnum, @vtxnum, @primnum, @numpt, @numvtx, @numprim, @group_*

string : @name, @instance

Jun 30, 2016

Information | Houdini 15.5 Seminar In Tokyo

Houdini 15.5 東京セミナーに登壇する事となりました。

内容はKPP : 最&高のメイキングやHoudini Crowdの活用例とか床井さんのHoudiniを使用した実写素材のバレ消しテクニック講座などをやるつもりです。ご参加お待ちしております。

詳細 : http://indyzone.jp/blog/archives/2016/06/houdini_155_201.html

Jun 29, 2016

Houdini : POP | Life span scale animation


 [.hip file - 04_POP_LifeSpanScale_01.hip] in preoaration.

Jun 10, 2016

Houdini | Command "chread .chan"

Houdini 内でCameraをfbxで書き出す場合にnullなどの親子関係をもつcameraを書き出すとMayaやMaxでちゃんと読み込めない問題が発生。CHOPからExportしても不具合が残ったり・・・